Multi-State College Consortium Initiatives

Conferences and Webinars 

​CTC Consortium develops and coordinates multi-state community and technical college consortiums in order to advocate for new programs and funding.  This unique multi-state consortium approach is aligned with recent developments at the federal level.  Combinations, or consortiums of institutions, can achieve results where there are common goals and objectives.  Through coordinated advocacy, CTC Consortium is creating new programs to benefit consortiums of community and technical colleges.

We organize and co-sponsor conferences for college leaders in Washington, D.C. and around the country. These conferences often focus on exploring federal funding opportunities, and feature speakers from Capitol Hill and federal agencies.  Let us know if you would like copies of programs from past conferences.  We can provide copies of speakers' PowerPoints and other presentations that may be of interest.

CTC Consortium also organizes webinars involving key federal agencies addressing opportunities and concerns on community and technical college campuses. In January 2019, we launched a monthly series for community colleges, Third Thursday Webinars.  

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Federal Grants Assistance 

​CTC Consortium collaborates with a Washington, D.C.-based professional grant-writer who operates as a women-owned, minority-owned consulting firm.  Our win-rate for federal grants is unusually high: 75 percent of proposals submitted are approved.  CTC Consortium services include grant strategy development; grant application assessment; outline preparation; themes development; grant and proposal writing/editing; caption writing; graphics selection, cover design and layout recommendations; and compliance reviews. We also review grant applications, in progress, and recommend changes to improve the chances for success.